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Bed Bug Extermination

bed-bug-controlBed bug control solutions by reliable bed bug exterminators. We provide a variety of options for treatment of bed bugs in the greater Toronto area.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small flat insects that are able to hide in and around beds easily. Bed bugs are parasitic creatures feeding on warm blooded hosts. They’ll migrate to out of sight areas for example mattresses and box spring. They can be comparatively difficult to detect. They multiply pretty rapidly and in only 3 months a small bed bug problem can change in a large bed bug infestation. The absence of signs does not mean that there is no infestation. Bed bugs are resilient creatures. They could endure large amounts of time without feeding. Adult bed bugs can survive up to a whole year without having a food supply.

Bed Bug Extermination Options

The following types of treatments are tools in the arsenal of the bed bug exterminator. Effective extermination, and depending on the level of an infestation, might require a combined approach.

Pesticide Treatment

Pesticide treatments are the most economical solutions. They can be more effective than other extermination techniques. In some cases bed bugs are known to show resistance to certain pesticides and might require a second treatment.


Steam treatment can effectively kill bed bugs. To be effective, a heat or steam treatment must reach 150-170 degrees for a sustained period. A heat or steam treatment can be labour intensive, as bed bugs can hide in multiple locations even in one room. A thorough steam treatment can take longer than other conventional treatments. There is also the possibility that the steam or heat will not penetrate deep enough in materials to kill all bed bugs. Steam could also cause damage to varnished surfaces. The areas that usually need to be targeted during a steam treatment are, mattresses, bed frame, bedding, carpets and curtains.

Cold – Cryonite Treatments

Bed bugs are highly sensitive to temperature. They thrive indoors because of the relatively steady temperature with limited air flow. Cold treatments can thus  be effective when dealing with a bed bug population. Cryonite treatments have been gaining popularity in recent years as they are effective and non-toxic. The bed bugs are immediately killed as soon as they come in contact with the Cryonite. Live bed bugs as well as un-hatched eggs immediately perish. It does not contain any pesticides or other noxious chemicals. Essentially it is a CO2 “snow” and when it is applied to the infested sites, it generally does not make a poisonous residue that could be harmful to other sorts of life like persons or animals. Most surfaces can be treated with cryonite, even electronics and plastics.