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bed bug control solutions in MarkhamBed Bug Extermination Markham. Reliable, licensed and insured bed bug exterminators. Trying to deal with bed bugs on your own can be stressful. Most dyi bed bug treatments fail. The reason is that every infestation is different. Most situations require the attention of a professional exterminator. Call us to book a no-obligation inspection or a bed bug treatment.

Bed bugs are small level insects that are able to cover in and around beds effortlessly. They’ll migrate to out of sight areas like mattresses and box spring. They could be comparatively hard to detect. They multiply pretty fast and in just a couple of months a small bed bug problem can change in a big bed bug infestation. The lack of signals doesn’t mean that there’s no infestation. They could survive big amounts of time without feeding. Adult bed bugs can survive up to a complete year without having a food supply.

Bed Bug Signs
Aside from bites, there are several other signs that may suggest you’re dealing with this type of problem. Small blood stains or dark brown spots on sheets, mattresses, pillows and clothing are likely the most visible telltale signs. The staining is from excrement and blood left by crushed bed bugs. Excrement, exoskeletons and eggshells are often uncovered within their favourite hiding places, especially the many crevices found in all mattresses.

Bed bugs are nocturnal and feed entirely on blood. Their bites feel and even look the same as a mosquito bite. Often they are painless and result in little, red, itchy lumps along the body.
Should you imagine that you’re dealing with bedbugs call us to organize a bed bug review.

Prepare for Treatment

Remove spreads and bed sheets and place everything through a high heat dryer cycle, then bag and tie. Remove all stuff from under beds and bottom of cabinets. As it creates good hiding areas for bugs lose any unneeded cardboard and paper.
Bed Bugs