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bed bug control solutions in TorontoFast, Dependable Bed Bugs Pest Control in Toronto

Effective bed bug extermination Toronto. Reliable, licensed and insured exterminators providing bed bug control solutions in the Greater Toronto Area.

An increasing number of people are experiencing problems with bed bugs in Toronto. A bed bug problem can happen to anyone. Bed bugs can hitch a ride on clothing items or a suitcase after a trip. Once they establish their new home they can multiply fast. A small bed bug problem can turn into a full blown infestation in a matter of a couple of months and while undetected.

Our exterminators are here to help in the fight against bed bugs. We offer effective bed bug extermination solutions to Toronto residents. Regardless of how big the bed bug infestation is we can deal with it effectively.

We offer no obligation inspections to find and confirm the problem. Our exterminators will then provide you with a range of options for a solution. Once the plan is set our bed bug exterminator will proceed with the treatment.

Bed Bugs
The common bed bug, (Cimex lectularius) has successfully adapted to most urban environments. It’s normally identified in temperate climates and has successfully made Toronto its home.
Bed bugs will enter your home most commonly by hitchhiking on your clothing items. When clothing is placed in the bed room they spread in search for nesting locations. Most commonly in mattresses, bedding and furniture items. They will remain hidden in the bed frame, other bedroom furniture or even floorboards. Bed bugs will come out at night to feed by biting and sucking the blood of their hosts. Bed bugs may get into a brand new residence as stowaways when bag, furniture and bedding is moved into a brand new residence – particularly in the event of secondhand furniture. Perhaps we should be cautious when buying second hand furniture at prices – if any are present, a cautious visual inspection should lead to detecting them.

Apparently clean and even empty homes may have bed bugs in them – they can endure for many months with no food. They may also transfer from apartment to apartment through hollows in holes and walls and tubes that pipes and wires go through.

Bed bugs feed on their hosts when asleep and in most cases the host doesn’t even realizing that it is happening. While feeding they inject a very small amount of saliva into the host’s skin which causes the mild allergic response, a red spot. Most individuals will believe they’ve been bitten by some insect, like a mosquito, and never understand who the true culprit was.

Signs of A Bed Bug Problem n infestation

  • Bites: Small reddish bites concentrated in certain areas of the body (similar to mosquito bites).
  • Stains: Blood or dark brown smear stains on sheets.
  • Shells: Bed bug exoskeletons in sheds, bedding, or mattress.
  • Scent: When dealing with a heavier infestations you might notice a cilantro-like scent.


Whether you are certain you have a bed bug problem, or just suspect you have one we can help. Just call us and we’ll be there to assist you. We provide fast, dependable and professional assistance. We will kill bed bugs affordably and effectively.