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Bed bug extermination Mississauga. Reliable bed bug control solutions in Mississauga and surrounding areas. Reliable, insured and professional bed bug exterminators in Mississauga. A bed bug problem can occur to anyone. They are able to multiply quickly once they settle in a new location.

Our exterminators are here to aid in the fight against bedbugs. We provide powerful bed bug extermination treatments Mississauga. No matter how large the bed bug infestation is we can cope with it efficiently. Safe and environmentally friendly solutions. We provide no obligation inspections to detect and deal with the infestation.

Bed bugs most commonly travel by catching a ride on clothing items, luggage or furniture. They can remain dormant for months at a time and can remain undetected. Once they enter a new area, they will establish their new home in an area close to a food source, a host.
Bed bugs feed on their hosts when sleeping. Hosts rarely notice the insects feeding. Bed bug bites can cause skin irritations that can be more serious for those allergic to bed bug bites.

Common Signs of an Bed Bug Problem

  • Bites: Small reddish bites that are similar to mosquito bites
  • Spots: Blood or dark brown smear spots on sheets.
  • Shells:¬†Empty insect shells in the bed or bed frame
  • Smell: You may detect a cilantro – like aroma when working with a heavier infestations.

If you think you have a bed bug problem it is best to have a professional, licensed exterminator check it out. Contact us and we’ll be there to help you. We provide quick, dependable and professional help and no-obligation inspections. We’ll kill bedbugs efficiently and affordably.