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Identifying A Bed Bug


Identifying a Bed Bug may seem hard because the size of them, but this article will make it much easier. Before you go about calling use for bed bug extermination Toronto, you need to be certain that you are indeed dealing with bed bugs.

1.   The first thing you have to do is look for black dots on your mattress, headboard, bedding, and your box springs. The residue left is usually blood, and bed bugs leave this behind when they feed/ after they feed. Fecal matter is always dried up blood because Bed Bugs feed on blood. This residue usually will look like small dots left from a marker.

2.   Look for eggs and eggshells that are left behind, usually around 1mm. Also look for skin as Bed Bugs shred their skin. -Bed Bugs always leave behind a trail, so try and look for these, very carefully!

3.   Use bed sheets, pillows, and covers that have lighter colors. -It may be disgusting to wake up in your own bed, to find a bed bug crawling on you or your bed sheets. If you are able to kill it, it will leave behind blood on the sheets. This will only show up if you have light colored sheets though, so try to buy some white ones so you can identify them much easier.

4.   If you get one bed bug bite, that means there is most likely a lot more in your home. Bed Bug bites look like mosquito bites, but you can differentiate a mosquito bite and a Bed Bug Bite from the look. The bed bugs like to eat in linear groups of 3. Bugs are also much itchier and they last much longer than mosquito bites.

5.   Try looking for Bed Bugs while they’re awake and active!-Bed Bugs usually like to come out at around 2 and 5 am. They like to eat around dawn so look for them around then! Don’t turn on the lights but use a flashlight to search around. Also try to not move a lot because if they sense your awake, they will go back to their homes/hiding places.

Do not rush to conclusions. First thing when finding a bug, inspect the body very carefully! Some are translucent and yellow (immature), and others are reddish-brown colored (adults). They are also oval and flat shaped, and do not have wings. Bed Bugs are usually smaller than one fourth of an inch, and after they feed they will be darker because the blood inside them.