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Skin Rashes from Bed Bug Bites


Bed bugs are generally found in beds in homes or in hotels. They are not only found in beds but in other places like wardrobes, clothes etc. These bed bugs are generally harmless but they bite and suck blood from humans. They may also be termed as parasites as they feed on humans. The bed bugs are highly active during the night time and bite humans. Most bed bug exterminators in Toronto will agree that bed bugs are hard to get rid of.

Symptoms and skin rashes caused by bedbugs:

Bed bugs bite humans on any exposed areas of skin when a person is deep asleep. The most common places where a bed bug bites are the hands, feet, face, neck and other exposed parts of the body. Bed bug bites are not prominent and are often ignored. These bites may often cause skin rashes which are quite similar to those caused by other household insects like mosquitoes etc. The rashes caused by bed bugs have a typical pattern which is also known as the ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ pattern. These bed bugs tend to bite in a regular pattern in a series forming a row of bites. This shows a sequence for the bites and is quite typical of bed bugs.

A skin rash caused by the bite of bed bugs is not quite serious as they are rarely associated with infections or microbes. Occasionally a series of allergic reactions are seen which cause severe itching on the rash. However these aggravate due to itching by the individual. These bites do not require any special treatment and ebb out with time. However if the itching is quite severe then a topical steroid may be used. Antibiotics are used in rare cases where the infection became serious and spread.

Hence the skin rashes caused by bedbugs are not severe and have typical characteristics. The skin rashes can be easily cured and do not require any special treatment.