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Things to Know About Bedbugs

Bed bugs

Bedbugs! If the very thought of these nasty insects sends shivers up your spine, we wouldn’t blame you. After all, these are the creatures that actually feed on blood, and we cannot think of a scarier thing an insect that small can do to you.

Cimex Lectularius L is the scientific name given to the common bedbug and while these insects are tiny in size, an adult bedbug measures anything between 5 to 9 millimeters, the fact that they feed on your blood is enough to give anyone the creeps.

Bedbugs are flat and oval in shape when they haven’t fed on their favorite food, but once they find a victim on whose blood they can feed, they fill their bodies with the blood and the shape of their bodies turn globular. Young bedbugs have transparent bodies and the blood they feed on makes them look reddish afterwards.

Since they feed on blood, bedbugs are mostly found in areas of the house where we relax or sleep. So whether it is your sofa or your bed, bedbugs will make themselves at home in places where they know a human will soon be visiting. Bedbugs are also known to feed on the blood of animals, so your pets aren’t safe from them either.

Although mostly active during the night, considering that this is the time when their victims are fast asleep, allowing them to feed without the risk of being caught, bedbugs are also known to launch attacks during the day if they are hungry.

These insects are particularly good at hiding and use spots that are almost impossible to reach to set up their hiding places after a good meal. Even while feeding on their victims’ blood, bedbugs are extra careful, so it is often only after they finish their meal that you would even notice something amiss.