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How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Outside


Bedbugs are oval shaped, small brown insects that feed on the blood of humans and other animals. An adult bedbug has a flat brown body roughly the size of an apple seed, but after feeding its body will swell and change colour to  deep reddish. Bed bugs cannot fly, but they are capable of moving quickly over walls, floors and ceilings. The female bedbugs lay hundreds of eggs the size of a speck of dust, throughout its life, for this reason bedbugs can multiple at a rapid rate. Even though these insects do not transmit diseases, they are a kind of nuisance you do not want in your home.

Taking the necessary precautions against bed bugs entering your home is the best line of defense. It is far easier and better to prevent an infestation than to try to remedy one. Here then are five ways to control bed bugs from entering your home: 
1) When you travel wrap your clothes and luggage in plastic
As said as it is to admit this, hotels house colonies of bed bugs- be it a 5-star or a cheap motel along the way. Therefore, when you travel make plastic your best friend. Place your clothes in seal bags – large Ziploc bags are perfect for folded clothes. Do not place your clothes on the bed, carpet or bags in the closet. Also once you take them off, replace them in the plastic bags or have them laundered and steamed then once again place them in bags.
2) Once you get home from vacation or short travel, wash all your clothes
If you did not wash and steam your clothes before you returned home, do so immediately. Do not unpack in your room, do so in the laundry area and wash then dry your clothes on medium heat. Then vacuum the inside of your suitcases before you store them again. Bed bugs love to hide in all these nooks and crannies.
3) Clean all furniture thoroughly when moving
If you will be moving furniture from one place to the next, ensure to inspect them for bed bug droppings, and clean every inch of the furniture before moving it in.
4) Do not bring old cardboard boxes into your house
Old cardboard boxes provide a perfect home for bed bugs, hence, if you find you are in need of a few boxes for moving get fresh boxes and inspect them thoroughly with a flashlight before using them.
5) Use bug spray
If you are staying overnight in a hotel or even someone else’s home, be sure to use insect repellent. The last thing you need is a few bedbugs hitching a ride home with you. Bed bugs bite, and can be nuisances. Therefore be sure to check yourself before entering your home and wrap all your luggage when you travel.