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Differences Between Bed Bug and Mosquito Bites


Two insects that periodically bite people are mosquitoes and bed bugs. Both generate some fear from humans because both are difficult to get rid of and can cause some major discomfort. Mosquitoes are known to carry deadly diseases while bed bugs can cause extreme discomfort and panic when they infest a home or a structure. It is therefore important to know the differences between the bites of both insects to know what to do next in terms of testing for diseases, treating bites and eliminating the culprit. 

The Presentation of Bites

Bed bugs tend to bite in clusters along a discernible path. The cluster of bites are usually not red at the onset but will eventually turn red after being scratched vigorously. There are times when the bed bugs’ bites just look like clusters but do not have a path or line. The bites may not immediately manifest after the exposure and some bites take several hours until they are noticed because of the itchiness. These insects usually bite from an edge or a niche such as the crease of a sofa or where the stitching meet. They also like to stay on the edges of a blanket and bite on the exposed skin of a sleeping individual hence the discernible path or line of bites. Many people have noticed that most bites from bed bugs are found in the torso. Their bites can last for several days in terms of itchiness, redness and discomfort.

Mosquito bites look like raised bumps or welts on the skin. This is caused by an allergic reaction that most people have to their saliva which initially numbs the area where the mosquito bites. They usually bite at one spot and suck blood until they are full or disturbed from their spot. When they are disturbed from feeding, they usually fly off and look around for another opportunity to bite the same person or another one nearby. So expect to see one or two mosquito bites in different areas of the body unless the individual is in a mosquito infested area and there are just too many bugs biting every inch of exposed skin. The spot of the mosquito bite is usually itchy after the insect has done feeding off the person. In spite of the immediate allergic reaction that people have to mosquito bites, this reaction disappears in just several hours.

If there is some hesitation with regards to identifying which insect bit an individual, the opinion of a medical professional may be necessary.