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Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs

Heat-Treatment-For-Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small insects that are oval in shape. They live in dark spaces and usually feed at night. Bed bugs are one on the most disturbing pests. If they are not controlled in good time, they can reach epidemic proportions. These blood sucking insects are found today in private homes, hotels, rental stores, apartments, cruise ships, dorms, hospitals, jails and many other places. Pesticides have lost their effectiveness at treating these pests.

Due to this challenge, people are searching for new ways of dealing with them. Heat treatment for bed bugs is one of the most effective methods of eliminating bed bugs. This method is usually known as Heat Treatment.How Heat Treatment works.

In Heat Treatment method, room temperatures are simply raised above the death point of bedbugs and their eggs. These temperatures are then maintained for a given period until all the bedbugs and their eggs are eliminated. This non-toxic method penetrates mattresses, wall cavities and other hard to reach places killing all the bed bugs. It involves application of heat evenly through a structure. This heat reaches places that other methods of killing bed bugs canDt reach. When this heat is applied, it ends up killing all the growth stages of the bed bugs including the eggs. Many pesticide control methods never kill the eggs of bed bugs. They usually leave eggs behind which later on hatch.

The eggs, nymphs and adult bedbugs usually die at different temperatures. They also require different durations for them to be eliminated using Heat Treatment. Both the adults and nymphs die at temperatures of more than 113°F. It takes them around 15 minutes to die under these  temperatures. The eggs die at the same temperatures but within a period of 60 minutes.

Advantages of Heat Treatment:

Eco- friendly

This method does not pollute the environment. It is not like the use of chemicals which end up polluting the environment. It is a totally chemical free method.

Cost effective

It is one of the cheapest methods of eliminating bed bugs. You don’t need to incur any cost buying expensive chemicals.  This method does not need to be supplemented with other methods. It is effective in just a single bed bug treatment. It targets all the live stages of the bedbug from the eggs to the adult.