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How Do Bed Bugs Enter Your Home


One of the possible sources of bed bug infestations in your home could be used furniture. These old or second-hand furniture are sold from a street sale or a used furniture store. They are perfect habitats for bed bugs and act as a source of infestation since these pests can thrive in the old furniture for long, even a year, without feeding. You should be extra cautious, as buying used furniture could be the start of infestation in your house. (more…)

How To Treat Bed Bug Bites


Bed bugs are blood feeding insects that feed on their hosts during the nighttime. These fast moving nocturnal insects are known to hide in crevices that will give them easy access to humans and blood. While they are typically found in mattresses and bed frames, bed bugs can also be found in bookshelves, nightstands, and dressers. Bed bug bites are generally not felt at the time the insect’s teeth enter the skin because of an anesthetic agent found in their saliva. (more…)

Hiring An Exterminator For Bed Bugs


Bed bugs have in the recent years become a menace to many home owners. These tiny creatures feast on human blood and spread from one person to another through contact. Bed bug extermination should become your priority once these tenacious creatures infest your home. In order to eradicate this problem you need to hire a bed bug exterminator. (more…)

How to Deal With A Bed Bug Problem


Anyone who has ever been a victim of bed bugs knows clearly how bothering these insects are. With these blood-sucking vampires crawling all over your body, your nights turn into a real nightmare. Eliminating bed bugs from your house is not an easy task. You have to strategize if you really want to wipe them out completely. Below is a guide on how to best eliminate bed bugs from your house: (more…)

Cryonite Treatment For Bed Bugs


Cryonite treatment is a new non-toxic technology which effectively kills bed bugs which are resistant to pesticides. It employs the extreme cooling features of carbon dioxide to get rid of bed bugs in any business or home area. The cryonite bed bug treatment system functions by spraying carbon dioxide snow at a temperature of -110 F that freezes and kills all the bed bugs which get in contact with the treatment area. Carbon dioxide is pressurized dry snow which is converted into vapor as it is released. (more…)

How To Control A Bed Bug Population


We can say the problem with bedbugs is as a result of increased international travel, lack of awareness of both the historical and biological link humans have with bed bugs and the way people wholly believe in pesticides. Being nest parasites, they reside in the bedroom or you can call it the human nest. Over the years, bed bugs become resistant to many chemical pesticides. Today different ways on how to control a bed bug population have been invented. (more…)

Characteristics of A Bed Bug


A bed bug is a small parasitic insect that feeds exclusively on the blood of its host. There are several species of this insect in the Cimicid family, but the most common is the CIimex Lectularius that infests the human habitats. As their name suggests, their habitat of choice is warm places such as in the building cracks, in an animal’s furry skin and in the human’s bed. The bedbugs main predators include; cockroaches, spiders, mites, pharaoh ants among others. The following are the characteristics of a bed bug. (more…)

Can Bed Bugs Transmit Disease? No


Bed Bugs can carry diseases; however, the answer is NO. They are not known to transmit any diseases to humans. However, bed bugs are not harmless and should not be taken lightly. Bed bugs are specifically known to feed on the blood of humans and some domestic animals, and can cause many complications to the skin such as allergic reactions or skin infections. Depending on the individual, they may experience no reaction, small bites, and/or in rare cases; sever -whole body reaction. (more…)

Bed Bug Steam Treatments


The small parasitic insects that suck the human blood are known as bedbugs. There have been introduced a number of methods for the bed bug treatments but the most successful method that have shown many positive results are the bed bug steam treatments. Bed bugs usually withstand all other treatments but they cannot resist from the high temperature of the steamer. The steamer treatment is chemical free and an excellent way of killing the bed bugs and all other pests that spread different kinds of human diseases. (more…)

How To Avoid Brining Bed Bugs Into Your Home


Bed bugs are becoming a big national problem and over the past ten years, calls to exterminate these insects have jumped over 81%. These bugs won’t make you sick or give you disease, but they are disgusting and could irritate you quickly if not taken care of. This article presents some things you need to avoid so you don’t bring bed bugs back to your home. The bed bug can be resilient so you need to be careful. (more…)